Friday, April 30, 2010


i tried my hand at making bread for the very first time today. after all of those years watching my mother make perfect loaves, i gave it a shot. and let me tell you, they're not beautiful. but add a little bit of butter...and it's pretty darn tasty (although i do have a violent case of the hiccups now...related? i think so.)

now before you critique the dietitian for making white bread, just know that i didn't have any whole wheat flour. okay, okay, so a dietitian should have whole wheat flour, i'll repent and go get some for the next batch.

okay, on to the recipe. being absent minded, i forgot that i actually have a copy of my mom's fabulous bread recipe and went in search of this one: Easiest White Bread Recipe You Ever Tried. it is easy, however i still managed to botch the directions and did things in slightly the wrong order. oh well, my mom has assured me it didn't matter. (guess my mediocre results are due to inexperience.)

here are a few pics. lumpy, yes. nonuniform, yes. flat, a bit. tasty, pretty much.

verdict: next time try mom's french bread recipe. for now, we'll be eating lots of french toast.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

and it begins...

we started planting our garden today. peas. potatoes. carrots. swiss chard. spinach. that's all for today.

on that note, i put together a plan for our garden with the 40'sq in mind. however, when we went back to our plot today, it's a whopping 80'sq. yikes. now what?!

okay, so i've quickly filled in most of my new space, but not too sure about my plan since i've not been a square food gardener before. any advice about trellises in the square food garden? do i need to leave space between them? should i orient them north-south (two to four 10' long rows) or east-west (six 4' long rows)? can i really grow tomatoes on a trellis? ah...questions!