Wednesday, June 22, 2011

congo bars

so you know when you eat something and it totally hits the spot...and then when it's gone you're still thinking about it weeks later.  (well, maybe that's just me and my relationship with chocolate.)  well that's what happened with the congo bars

my mom made these when i was visiting in early may...and here it is almost the end of june and i still can't get them out of my head.  so i broke down and made them.  i say 'broke down' because a) they are slightly complicated [a two step process is just beyond my 'easy' qualification]...and b) i'm pretty sure i can eat the whole pan by my self [my bike and i will be spending much more quality time together this next week to compensate].

so now the pan of deliciousness is cooling, the anticipation is killing me, and my house smells incredible.  i think it's time to crack open a cold diet coke to celebrate. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

garden 2011

three summers of marriage.  and three different garden plots.

of all three, this one is the largest...which also means it took the most work to get ready.  but after a lot of sweat, i finally got it planted this morning.  we're taking a low-key approach this year and hoping for the best.  i mostly used the seeds i had left over from last year, along with a few extra plants.  i got the strawberries from a friend (thanks keri!) back in april.  in addition to the strawberries, we've got basil, cilantro, dill, a green pepper, two varieties of carrots, radishes (just to space out the carrots...who actually eats radishes?!), three varieties of cucumbers, marigolds, beans, and a pumpkin.

the previous owners of our home put in this nifty little irrigation system...we'll see how it works for us.

i love gardening.  for some reason, turning over the dirt, adding a little water and some seeds is very therapeutic for me.  i'm sure it won't be perfectly weeded.  and who knows how much of it will actually produce, but for now...i'm just enjoying it.