Saturday, July 30, 2011

kale chips

in a random turn of events i came home with a bunch of kale from a visiting teaching appointment last week.  with the kale came specific instructions on how to make kale chips.  i've been hearing lots of great things in the nutrition world about kale chips for quite some time now, but just haven't gotten around to making them. we go.

tear your kale into 'chip' size pieces leaving out the main stalk (i hear it's bitter)
brush with olive oil and place on cookie sheet
sprinkle lightly with seasoned salt
bake for approx. 6-8 min in a 400degree oven

as for the result...i would call them...interesting. 

they had a slightly veggie taste, but mostly tasted like the seasoned salt (which i sprinkled time i would go easier on that).  the texture was the interesting was almost like eating dry leaves...but more tasty.  they were fun to eat in a way, just because of the way they crunched in your mouth.

i would say that if you have a burning desire to eat kale (which is chalk full of nutrients) this would be the way to go.  for me, being extremely picky about texture, they were a bit strange. interesting venture into the world of kale.