Monday, May 14, 2012


since we ripped out all of our overgrown front landscaping, i took a landscaping class at Thanksgiving Point this spring.  i was hoping to learn the basics of design so we wouldn't waste our time, efforts, and cash putting new plants in.

the class wasn't exactly what i expected, but i did learn quite a bit.  i came away with a basic idea of what i wanted and a huge list of future projects!

just to recap, here's where we started...

from house listing

then we ripped everything out...

march 2012

and then we started over...

and now we wait...

for the curious, here's a plant list:
autumn joy seedum (7)*
daisy (4?)*
spicata (1)*
boxwood (4)
variegated redtwig dogwood (1)
forsythia (1)
daylilly (3)
mum (2)
wave petunias (9)
alyssum (18)

*my generous green-thumbed mother sent me home with these starts at the beginning of april.  

i have thoroughly enjoyed planning and planting.  it's been such a fun process!