Thursday, July 8, 2010

my current attempt

so...for those of you who haven't heard the current attempt is surviving pregnancy. now that i've completed the first trimester, life can begin again somewhat. not to say that i wanted to die during the first trimester, but there were days that i started to consider it. feeling constant nausea is just no fun, but definitely worth it.

it was also an interesting experience from the food/dietitian point of view. because of my nutrition background, i know (almost too much) how incredibly important nutrition is to development, especially early development.

however, sometimes, reality gets in the way. at first, i couldn't get enough protein...cottage cheese, protein bars, and string cheese were foods i couldn't get enough of. then, suddenly and unexpectedly, those foods were completely disgusting. seriously, gagging.

and then it was all about the carbs...gatorade, crackers, toast...but no sweets. yes, the girl who LOVES has absolutely desire for them. (most of you are thinking that would be great, yet it's really so sad for me.) though carbs were most appealing, food in general was just plain annoying. the phrase, "i am SO sick of eating" was heard often, very often.

and now that i'm moving into the second trimester, the appetite is slowly coming back (though some foods are still very off-limits, mostly texture related...string cheese, shredded chicken, etc). hopefully, food will once again be a friend and the fruits and veggies and home-cooked meals can again start flowing in the z household.

so that's the current attempt...surviving the next few months of pregnancy...and then onto another adventure...motherhood! i can't wait!