Sunday, March 27, 2011

our a very, very, very fine house...

well, we've done it. we've officially made a big step towards actually becoming adults. we're buying a home. so here are a few photos to show you all what we've got to work with. in the next few months there will be lots (and lots) of painting, decorating, organizing, and just plain getting things figured out in our new place. so let's start with the 'before'.

this is the front of the house (i actually didn't take this one, it's from the listing, but you can see the gorgeous trees in the backyard when they are in full foliage. love them!). it could use a little landscaping love, but we'll get to that this summer.

next we have the view from the front door. this just might be my favorite part of the house. i love all of the light that the windows and doors let in. you can't tell from this photo, but the paint color in this room is a tomato red/orange color. not my favorite for this room, so we'll be working on that first.

this is the view from the far right corner of the living room. you can see the kitchen. that strange wall is where the fridge sits and the mud room/garage door entrance is on the left. (we're up to three paint colors now...keep counting!)

here's another view of the kitchen. the kitchen sink window looks out over the garden area. and yes, we'll be painting the yellow walls too.

here's the mud room. it's got some great shelving and hooks...and yes, our fourth paint color.

next is the upstairs bathroom...and the fifth paint color so far.

and now onto the master bedroom (paint color #6). the bay window looks out over the backyard.

and now the master bath...paint color #7. if you haven't caught on by now, the previous owners loved to paint.

there are two more smaller bedrooms on the main floor...with, you guessed it...two additional paint colors...that takes our total to #9.

okay, now to the downstairs. we LOVE this room as well. it's very spacious and we love the fireplace. the downstairs was finished about 5 years ago, so it feels slightly newer than the upstairs. (and yes, this is a new paint color...#10)

here's the downstairs bath...with two sinks and a jetted tub! technically it's the guest bath, so come on over! and yes, another paint color (#11).

also in the basement are three additional bedrooms, the laundry room, and storage room. another charming feature is the play nook under the stairs. it's super cute. and just in case you were wondering, all three of the bedrooms and laundry have their own paint colors...that takes us to a grand total of...drum roll please...#15! for now we probably won't paint the basement. the colors are fairly nice, so we're not going to create too much more work for ourselves.

here's a quick look at the backyard.  this is a view looking off the deck to the right.

this view is looking towards the back of the house.

and this view is to the right of the previous picture.  there's a garden spot and a small sand box and nice little shed.

i hope you enjoyed the tour! and we look forward to having you all as visitors! (just be sure to bring your paint brush!)


  1. What a great find! You guys are going to love it! I'm so jealous!

  2. The house is beautiful. I'm so excited for you. Congratulations.

  3. That looks really nice! Where is it at?

  4. Love it! I was hoping to see pictures I will definitely come visit. However, I may spend all my time in that tub!

  5. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! There are so many things that I just love about your house: the mature trees in the backyard, the double doors and huge window in the front room - natural lighting is the best, the mudroom, the bay window in the master bedroom, the built-in shelving in the basement, the fireplace, the fact that your basement is FINISHED, the wood deck, the fully fenced yard, and the garden area! What a fabulous house, I am so happy for you guys. Although you do have your work cut out for you with all that painting :) I wish I lived closer and could come help you, I love to paint! So when is moving day?

  6. Looks great! We don't like some of the paint choices in our new house, but so much work to paint it all. Our front room was my least favorite, but it definitely has grown on me and I think it will be staying the color it is. Funny how that works once you put furniture in and even some pics on the wall.

  7. Very adorable house. I can't wait to see what you'll do with it - I know it will be so cute. I love all the windows and light too. It's up here in Idaho, right??? ;)

  8. So so cute Jessica! It looks amazing! Congrats on becoming home owners/payers!

  9. It's so nice, Jessica! I'm so happy for you and kinda jealous at the same time :) I love those built-ins downstairs and wood floors!

  10. How did I miss this post? I usually click over when you mention it, maybe I missed the last few?

    Love the new house. I'd eat my own arm to have that basement! How's all that painting going?