Monday, July 30, 2012

landscaping & garden UPDATE

well...time flies...and plants grow, so here's a visual update and a few notes for myself for future reference.

first the garden...

-no pumpkins next year; they don't seem produce much fruit on the trellis and take up WAY too much space
-only plant one thick row of peas, and plan next to something that will need lots of room; it ended up as wasted space this year.  i did plant some marigolds there on the fourth of july, but they prob won't bloom til late fall if they bloom at all
-water strawberries early and often, be careful with fertilizer
-plant basil plants...not seeds

and now for the front landscaping...

for next year:
-use red, white, yellow and purple color scheme next year.  move the pinks next to the mail box. no marigolds in the front.  use cosmos sparingly...and remember they are TALL.

and just in case you're's the front door.  i'm loving the color.


  1. I LOVE the front door! What a fabulous color! The gardens look great too.

  2. Front door is so YOU. Very cute. I wish my gardens looked as good as yours. Lovely, lovely.

  3. You did amazing! I am going to have to tap into your skills. Because of pregnancy stuff and our massive drought my flowerbeds are overrun with weeds and dying flowers. Ugg. I love your front door too!