Thursday, September 24, 2009

how does a garden grow?

so, i've always been a gardener. back in the day, the 4-h days to be exact, i got a blue ribbon in gardening. i had my own plot in my mom's garden. i have no idea what i grew, but i'm sure it was blue-ribbon worthy. i think there may have been a bell pepper involved.

last year, my garden-attempt was limited to a 6" by 18" container. cilantro (that didn't quite make it but provided a few happy salads). sage. dill. basil. the basil was a huge hit. it even made the trip to utah with me. basil = happiness.

so this year, when we found our humble abode, and it had a small garden plot i was beyond thrilled. so thrilled, i moved 72 square feet of rock so i could get to the dirt. thrilled. i sketched out my space and planned what i would plant. i sketched. re-sketched. consulted with the hubby. resketched. and then...i planted.

and watered.

and waited.

and watered. and waited.

(ps...that's my head poking out of the tomatoes. and they aren't giant just because they are taller than me...really, have you ever seen tomatoes that tall?)

it was a joyous process. and i loved every minute of it. i even loved when the giant tomatoes fell over. i even loved when the giant tomatoes fell over again. (i didn't so love when the hubby hurt his hand helping me with the stakes for the giant tomatoes. there may have been more than one can of cream of mushroom soup harmed in the process...sorry, to my hubby, not to the decimated cans.) but i loved it. and's loving me back.

i love my garden.

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  1. Great JOB! It is such a good feeling when you can see and enjoy the "fruits" of your labors.

    I love your idea for this blog. Can't wait to see what you try next. I need to remember to make more attempts at trying to figure things out.