Saturday, February 20, 2010

in pursuit of...basil

i love love love fresh basil.

i love it on pizza.

i love it in soup.

i love it in just about anything.

i also love growing it.

and sometimes i am successful.

and sometimes i am not.

after having such a fabulous growing experience this summer with my basil (see green gorgeousness above), i just couldn't resist the following. while searching out some of the fresh herb last week for a few recipes, i ran across a live basil plant. it was green. and growing. and i am a sucker for live plants. i need those living things. they are cheery. they bring outside in. they make me happy. and generally, i'm a successful indoor plant grower.

however...this little dude is not doing so well.

i have a feeling it was doomed from the beginning. it's only been under my supervision for 10 days now...and it started this limp behavior from day 2. i kept the soil nice and damp. i put it in the sunniest place in my house. i did everything really, i'm not crediting the demise of this sad little guy to a failure of my green thumb. i'm chalking this one up to...well not me.

any tips out there for growing herbs indoors? i'd love to hear them!


  1. So I went to a RS gardening thingy where they had a "master gardener" as a guest speaker and the master gardener said that she has never been able to keep herbs alive indoors. So you can chalk it up to herbs needing to be outside. Kid of sad but if a master gardener can't do it then the likes of you and me probably can't either.

  2. I've kept my mint, rosemary, and oregano alive for about a year now. I haven't had such great luck with basil; I grew some, but the leaves never got very big.
    Keep in mind that I'm no master gardener, but it sounds like maybe you were giving your little plant too much water. You might consider putting some rocks in the bottom of the planter so it doesn't drown.

  3. I WISH I knew the slightest thing about gardening, but I don't. I love that you grow your own herbs though. What a beautiful basil pizza picture! Maybe Jared will grow some for me. :)