Sunday, March 28, 2010

not dead

so...i'm alive. not dead. (you were glad to hear that i'm sure.) just uber busy with the thesis and the rest of life. so i guess that i could title this post 'attempt at surviving', but i won't. between our trip to orlando, cub scouts, thesis, thesis, thesis, thesis, thesis, thesis, and keeping our life running, not too much time is left for any projects. (although, i am currently giving up diet coke, so maybe that's a project.)

just wanted to say hi and for the record...i'm not dead.


  1. giving up diet coke is definitely a project - that's impressive! Good luck! Will we see you this weekend?

  2. Why would you do that to yourself? Why? Why? Why?

    Actually, I started musing about the possiblity of giving up a daily soda yesterday. My husband wasn't too keen on that idea. But if I can work on getting an extra hour of sleep, I think the trade off would be worth it.