Sunday, August 29, 2010

more meal planning

so last week didn't quite pan out in the meal planning department. it wasn't a complete failure, but it wasn't entirely successful either. mostly just frustrating with things not quite turning out as planned. and i guess when you're pregnant, things like that can drive you to least that's what i hear.

anyways, here's a quick update on this coming week's plan. (just a side note, this isn't turning into a meal planning blog, but i need the practice an accountability that posting about it creates.)

sun - rosemary chicken and potatoes (side note: this was not good. note to self: i don't really care for rosemary)
mon - french toast and fruit
tues - sloppy joes w/homemade rolls
wed - hot dogs at the baseball game (make bbq sauce for next day)
thurs - bbq pork sandwiches/rolls/corn on the cob
fri - fajitas/homemade salsa
sat - hamburgers
sun - flank steak/onion red potatoes/grilled zucchini

i do realize that i went from sunday to sunday just now, but that's because i need the planning. for some reason, all the sudden, late yesterday (saturday) afternoon i realized i hadn't planned anything for sunday. thus the quick (and not so tasty), experimental meal this afternoon.

here's to another shot at meal planning; hopefully with less frustration.

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