Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pillow obsession

you'd think that i'd be focused on baby planning. however, i've recently become zoned in on decorating my living room. not sure where that came from, but i'll go with it.

my current decor is focused around green. green pillows. green chair. green storage containers. you get the idea. i think a bit of additional color is needed to spice things up.

so after some internet browsing and inspiration seeking, i found some pillows and fell in love...in love with the pillows, not the price. and since i have some mediocre sewing skills, and pillows are basically straight lines, i decided to make my own.

i was going for some specific colors with some geometric patterns. here's what i found. (the lighting is kinda stinky, but the blue on the far right and left are actually the same blue. also...notice the green chair and pillow.)

and i love them. next, onto deciding shapes and sizes.


  1. Those fabrics are GORGEOUS! I especially love the green and orange ones. I can't wait to see how the pillows turn out.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics..you and my friend Bri seem to have similar styles..you should check out her blog http://briandadam.blogspot.com/...she always posts good DIY projects!

  3. LOVE the fabric! Where did you get it! I have been toying with the idea of adding more color to my home too. Right now I have green and a rust. I really want to add a mustard yellow and a blue/turquoise. I am afraid of getting the wrong tones and having a clash war.