Thursday, February 2, 2012


in general, i like to finish a project before starting another one. however, january has been all about the unfinished! during the course of the month, i had two books that were started and unfinished (luckily i did finish one by the skin of my teeth just before book club, a pillow that is about halfway finished, blocks cut and partly sewn for a stocking, and a few mending projects. you'd think i'd finish some of these things before i took on another project, but no...i decided i was going to bite the bullet and paint our office!

well it started out this lovely (insert sarcasm) blue. i'm sure it totally worked for the previous owners, but it was mostly making my head hurt. also...the room was a complete disaster. isn't that the ideal time to paint?

anyways...we had leftover paint from our bathrooms, and we happen to totally love the color. it's coconut husk from behr in case you're curious. i've also been drooling over striped walls on pinterest lately...thus the stripe wall. and i LOVE it.

it's not perfectly styled or organized (you'd laugh if you saw the opposite wall with the piles of clutter), but i like to savor the happy parts in the midst of the mess. i can get back to finishing my other projects, right? (actually, i'll be painting the bedroom those will just keep waiting.)


  1. Looks AWESOME! Seriously, like something I'd see on pinterest!

  2. I really like it. Maybe I will get brave and do something different someday. I can hardly to wait to see how your bedroom turns out too.

  3. I love the stripes! How did you get them so perfectly straight?! Must be a Pinterest secret :) And it made me smile to see your cute little spider plant sitting on top of the desk. Mine finally succumbed to the fungus gnats :( So if yours gets any shoots I would love to have one!

  4. ummm hello!!! you are amazing. I love it! :)